Category Teardowns

The world’s first and only category review podcast.

Anyone can make a good product. An invention is just a thing in the world. But a category is how your customer thinks about it. And creating your own category can mean the difference between success and failure.

The creation of new categories is turning our world upside down. It's the reason why you've got no problem hopping in a random car, letting someone else do your grocery shopping, or staying at a stranger's house instead of a hotel.

Category Teardowns is the only marketing podcast that evaluates new and aspiring category creators to find out if they're contenders or pretenders.

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About the Host

Meet Josh Lowman, the host of Category Teardowns.

He’s spent 25 years working alongside founders and CMOs to help them create new categories and tell their stories.

He also founded Gold Front, a category design studio, where he’s worked alongside the founders of Slack, Uber, and Eero, among others, advising on business strategy, brand, and marketing.

Josh Lowman