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Workshop: Category Strategy for CEOs

Category Strategy for CEOs

by Josh Lowman
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Okay, this one goes out to founders and CEOs.

You’ve been struggling to land on a great positioning for your company—one that drives growth the way you need it to. One that is actionable inside the company and resonates with customers. One that sticks and doesn’t need to be rewritten every 6 months.

As CEO, or possibly co-founder, you are your company’s lead strategist. And while you may be a visionary leader, that alone doesn’t make for a successful strategist. Likewise, the fact that you’re the best at telling the company story doesn’t mean you have a story that works when you’re not around.

And unfortunately no, you can’t delegate this.

This workshop should deliver a few valuable tools and frameworks on your journey to a winning strategy.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Three questions I get from every CEO about category creation, answered.
  • Why Brian Chesky says getting product and marketing aligned is the core of all great companies—and how to get there.
  • Why a “story that sells” must be the center of all your strategy—and how to write one.
  • Craft better strategy in less time: The only three strategy documents you actually need.

We’ll cover strategy specifically for CEOs, but the material will be helpful for anyone wanting to crack their company’s strategic narrative alongside their company’s founder or chief executive.

(And it’s a good way to experience what my company Gold Front has to offer for the low, low price of free.)

I hope to see you there.