How To Fix Your Positioning Webinar — Gold Front

How To Fix Your Positioning


by Josh Lowman
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Let’s get your positioning back on track.

I’ve written the positioning for over 150 companies and read hundreds more.When a company’s positioning isn’t working (the case for most) there are only three ways it can go wrong. Yes, it’s reductive. So is good positioning. For those of you who need a better strategy, or just want to learn something new, here’s what you can expect from this live workshop:

  • Peptalk about the many mistakes I and others make while doing this work—so you know you’re not alone.
  • A written positioning statement for Uber so you can see what good is.
  • I‘ll walk you through the Three Great Positioning Problems, and how I fix each one.

If you join the event live, as an added bonus, you’ll receive our Positioning Magic 8-Ball Worksheet. Additionally, one attendee selected at random will receive a free gift of cured meats from 4505 Meats.

Who am I? I’m the founder of Gold Front, the category design studio. I’ve done this work for Uber, Qualtrics, Slack and many more. We don’t have time for junk in this webinar, just useful information and tools. You’ll get all this in 20 minutes, plus some Q&A.