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The System of Record for food.

When Silo came to us, they were regarded as a food logistics solution, one among many, but their ambition was much greater. They believed they could transform the way the global food supply chain works. Working with founders Ashton Braun and Antonio Bustamante, we identified a critical gap in the industry: Food Intelligence. While most modern marketplaces are powered by data and intelligence, the food supply chain lacked that entirely. From there, considering the elements Silo was bringing together—a vast network of buyers and sellers, financial services, and real-time data—we saw the opportunity to launch a new category: The first Adaptive Food Platform

Along with the category we helped them clarify the ethos behind it: The way we move food from growers to consumers is broken, and it’s time somebody did something about it. This ethos gave the entire company, from sales to product to marketing, a clear north star.

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