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Are we mere operators of apps? Or human beings? At some point in the software revolution, the machines started winning. Knowledge workers were told to fall in line. WalkMe gives us all a slice of our humanity back by streamlining every interaction with technology. Working alongside WalkMe’s executive team, we crafted an updated category vision and brand befitting a company delivering such immense value.

In 2023, WalkMe came to us with a problem. In the wake of their successful launch of the Digital Adoption category, an overwhelming number of competitors had co-opted WalkMe’s story, confusing customers and creating a parity in the space. We set out to fix this. Working with WalkMe’s executive team and their investors at Insight Partners, we created an updated category vision and brand—separating WalkMe from the competition while distinguishing them as the category leader they are.

We started our strategy work by putting a name to the unique problem WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform solves. We called it Software Paralysis, a paralyzing level of digital friction that was making for an unhappy, less productive workforce. We went on to tell the story of how WalkMe is fixing this problem, before putting their purpose in plain terms: to re-invent the digital workplace so that people rule.

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